About Ayaymama Mystic

Ayaymama mystic more than a center is a family created by 2 young Peruvians from Iquitos city, with the main purpose of showing the tradition and indigenous culture of Loreto and the benefits that it bring to the society  in physical and mental health.

Augusto is a history teacher from Peru, with his knowledge he tells us the history of the indigenous communities in the Amazon, about their traditions and culture of our Amazonian indigenous brothers.

Poul is an ecologist by profession, who is dedicated to the study of the plant-animal relationship and his knowledge in botanic, he shows us the use and application of various plants and how they benefit the person’s physical and mental health.

Customer service & Ecological engineer

Poul Flores

Hello, I am Poul Flores from Iquitos city, I have been working in ayahuasca retreat sector for 6 years, I am usually the facilitator in ayahuasca ceremonies and I am in charge of attending them through social networks or email, as a professional I am an ecology engineer that I’m preparing myself to be an environmental educator, it is easy for me to communicate in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.


Don Juan

We work with a traditional plant medicine, its effects are healing the body, soul and mind, but something that improves and surprises is its power of youth, Juan, a 78-year-old man, one of our shamans tells us his story About the experience. In the Amazon with medicinal plants, their achievements, their experiences, their patients and the majestic vision that Mother Aya gives us. Today he gives us his knowledge about being a farmer and being a healer at the same time. He tells us that to be a strong being we must be prepared for the challenges presented by the world of shamanism, and be pleased to give our body and spirit to mother Aya. When you take a natural medicine you should take it with love, as if it were the most delicious dessert you have ever tasted.


Don Saúl

Saul, comes from a family native to the jungle of Omagua, and is deeply concerned in his work of cleansing & healing the body, freeing the mind, and opening the heart. Saul began her training as a healer at the age 22, under the guidance of his maestro, a Omagua shaman. He has dedicated his life to the healing work of plant medicines, has made diets, and learned about the variety of medicinal plants in the Amazon. He will guide you through her ceremonies with her powerful ikaros and her solid, loving presence.

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