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About Ceremony

Trust in the Process

Aya ceremony allows for connection between the physical world and the spiritual world, to gain insights and healing. Ceremonies are usually performed at night to work with the mysterious and feminine energy of the medicine. Mother Aya is very grounding and of the earth, so fade into the sounds of the jungle as it is crawling with life. Connecting with nature allows for the medicine to easily connect with us.

It is recommended to attend ceremony wearing light clothes, always enter in the maloca without shoes and with gratitude for a new experience.

The presence of the teacher or shaman, brings a calming and relaxing energy to better prepare your mind and heart for a deep healing by mother Aya, Pachamama, mother earth or mother jungle.

What To expect

Once everyone is all settled in, the shaman will begin to sing Icaros, and call in the directions for protection. While consuming the medicine, all of your energy fields become wide open, so the shaman/healer calls in the directions to offer protection from any unwanted spirits or energies and keeps the space safe for healing and growth. Once this process is complete, the shaman will connect with the medicine, and set his intentions for the group, often being around wisdom, harmony, and healing. At this time it is best to stay relaxed, and patiently wait to be called up to take your dose of the medicine. Once you are called up to the mesa, the shaman will smudge you with Mapacho tobacco to clear your energy. Along with this, you will be asked to take a drop of Florida water, and Timolina, while also rubbing these on your body to purify your energy. The next step is to take the medicine, it is very helpful to hold your intention close to your heart and reflect on it while holding the cup of medicine. Take it with love, for you are receiving a gift of healing.

Once you are finished taking the medicine, you will go back to your space, and this is the time to go inwards and relax your body & mind. Allow the medicine to work with you, and let go of all expectations so that the connection can be made.

After everyone in the group has received the medicine, the shaman will then take their medicine to connect with the room, and the spirit of Aya, for guidance in healing. After they have connected they will begin to sing Icaros which will assist everyone in connecting with the medicine.

Everyone is unique, and their bodies react differently to the medicine. Some may connect instantly, others may take some time to connect, but our best advice is to relax, and quiet the mind so that she(Mother Aya) and connect with you. Often times we get too into our heads and think about what should happen, or is anything happening yet? It is best to get out of our own ways and just let the medicine flow through you.


Purging is Healing

As you may have heard, there is this concept of the purge that is associated with this type of ceremony. We welcome the purge, and many have found this to be the most enjoyable part of the experience. When we break it down to its core, the purge is essentially your body rejecting anything that is not good for it. Aya helps release any heavy emotions, or energies that we have accumulated throughout our life experience. It could be suppressed from childhood, or something that happened last week, but Aya assesses what is no longer necessary for you to carry around, and helps you release that through the purge. The purge presents itself in many forms, it could be through shaking(feeling super cold), crying, laughing, vomiting, or using the restroom. We recommend not to fight it, or force it, but rather to allow it to happen naturally. It is also entirely possible that you will not purge, again, it depends on how your body reacts to it.



With the Medicine

Once you are connected with the medicine, listen to what’s being shown/told, and feel free to ask questions, because she will guide you towards answers. We wile to make the analogy that working with Mother Aya is like a dance. Sometimes you will lead, and at others you will follow, but the process is smooth and beautiful when you allow yourself to be lead, so try not to fight the experience, for that will only make it more challenging for yourself. She may take you to some heavy memories, but she is only guiding you towards where your most important healing lesson lies. Remember to breathe through the process and trust, not only the medicine, but yourself. She will never give you more than you can handle. If at any moment you feel that you need help, we have a knowledgable shaman who will help guide you, and also other facilitators are available for further assistance. Be assured that you are being carefully watched. Consider the experience to be a very intimate date with yourself, and you really get to understand who that being is within. Some people have profound visions, other may feel it in their bodies, regardless of what your experience may be, we will help guide you in understanding what the main message may be.

Once we close out the circle, a comfortable feeling of peace may overcome your being. All the past is summed up in the prophetic encounter with the medicine and your contemplative Being. A hug or an affectionate cry can help, hereafter the task of healing is yours.


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