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Full Day Amazonas River

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First stop is Nanay port, a place where we’ll take a boat to go by the Amazonas river. You will able to see grey and pink dolphins in it natural habit.

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Next stop will be at the FUNDO PEDRITO, one of the most important tourist attractions of the city of Iquitos. Fundo Pedrito from Barrio Florido, has a spectacular fish farm where the raising of paiches stands out (Arapaima gigas) known as PIRARUCU in Brazil as well. There is also a pond with  Victoria Regia aquatic plants, fish farms with fish species such as Sabalos, Boquichicos, Piranñas, pools with black and white lizards (crocodiles), and Boas distributed over an area of ​​three hectares, on the edge of the Amazon River.

We will board our boat again to go to the SAN RAFAEL farmhouse, a community that is animated by institutions, they stopped cutting down their forests and decided to convert their  community an ecotourism community while protecting the Amazonian landscape in which they live. San Rafael has an interesting trail that you could see different timber tree species, and even some species of vibrantly colorful frogs, which according to some are poisonous.

They have an
interesting butterfly garden (the Blue Morpho and the Buo butterfly), where  they will share with us the butterfly life cycle in detail, explained by a child no more than 10 years old. But what most attracted us to this community is undoubtedly the eels, we’re goin to see so many and some so big that you can’t even imagine! Then we’ll visit the trapiche where we will taste the famous typical drinks of their community, like the 7 root beverage, break underwear,
Rise Lazarus, and the delicious Flamingo. These exotic drinks are macerated with hard helicor from sugar cane produced by the settlers of before.

Lunch time with traditional food, which can be fish, wild meat, chonta salads with tomato and avocado, and to freshen up, natural fruit soda like cocona, Camú Camú. We will be having lunch in the same hamlet of San Rafael.

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We will board the boat to return to the port of Bella Vista Nanay, making a stop with the YAGUAS tribe, a community that you will have the opportunity to meet and  interact with. The inhabitants of this ethnic group, will invite us to dance the famous dances called “Pandilla” and “Turusaya”, then we will test the use of the “Blowgun” or “Pucuna”.

Full Day Three Rivers

We arrive at the jetty, to board our typical boat called “Shuar Camp”. Immediately after boarding the boat, we will sail the Amazon River for approximately 20 minutes, until we reach a riverside “Independence” community where we will visit a viewpoint from where we will appreciate the majestic Amazon River. Later we will visit the giant tree of the Amazon doing a walk of approximately 25 minutes. This tree is known as “LUPUNA BLANCA”


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We will board our boat to continue our journey, in course to a wild animal rescue center. In this place you will have the opportunity to meet some species of Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans, parrots, turtles, and the famous Anaconda.

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We will board our boat to continue our trip to the native community of the Boras, then a short 7-minute walk to the Maloca. Here in this place, you will be able to observe and learn a little about the ancestral culture of this original town. Then you can interact, dance, take pictures, and buy some items or crafts to remember.

We shall return to our boat, then navigate to the tourist restaurant “El Barranquito” located on the edge of the Nanay River, where we will taste the typical foods of the region.

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While we wait for lunch, visitors can take a little relax in the hammocks or enjoy a relaxing piranha fishing.

Enjoy the breeze and views of the river, while we head back to Iquitos

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