AYAYMAMA MYSTIC is a center for sharing ancestral Amazonian knowledge, where we compile, share and teach about the uses of different types of medicinal and artisanal plants, as well as being the perfect place to have a unique experience in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Ayahuasca is a plant native to the Amazon, it is a vine that grows around a strong and solid tree;  its use of this plant is in a spiritual way, initially practiced in the indigenous communities of the Peruvian high jungle, where the Shipibo family were the ones who strengthened this practice and spread throughout the tributary of the Amazon River.

 People who have health conditions such as:

 Low/high pressure (all types of heart conditions)



Schizophrenia (or any kind of mental condition that is not easy to control without pills)

People with any type of condition that affects their heart cannot do these ceremonies.

  • How to get to our place: There are 3 phases to get to our center of ancestral customs.
  1. From the hotel/hostel or airport to the Rumo cocha port, this takes an average of 30 min.  in Motocar.
  2.  From the port of Rumo cocha to the town of San Pedro de Nanay, this takes an average of 30 min.  in a boat  The time that the transport takes varies, when it is in season it is an average of 30 min and 20 min when it is the dry season.
  3.  From the town of San Pedro de Nanay to the center of ancestral customs, this takes 20 min.  walking.  The time it takes to transport varies, when it is in season it is an average of 20 min and 35 min when it is dry season.


  • Those who provide the service: All the services are attended by local people, from the one who attends you on the emails or WhatsApp, until the kitchen staff.
  •  Ayahuasca diet food: All the dishes served during your stay are based on the Ayahuasca diet. We respect your daily routine diets, as in the case of Vegans, Vegetarians;  reminding them that the diet is based on fresh vegetables, beans, tubers, chicken and fish.  Everything is without salt, oil and condiments, this is in order to protect your stomach, because Ayahuasca demands a lot of biological work from your digestive system.
  • Ayahuasca ceremonies: During your stay, you will be provided with the ceremonies that you purchased in your retreat package, you will always be accompanied by your respective shaman and a facilitator who speaks English and Spanish, the ceremonies will start at 7 p.m. and ending at 11 at night
  •  Objects that shamans normally use in ceremonies: Shacapa, Agua Florida, Shacapa, Timolina and the Ikaros that are sung by their shaman.
  •  Leaf bath: Those baths are made with plants and flowers, expelling very pleasant aromas, which refreshes and cleanses the body’s bad energies.
  • Maloca: It is the largest house in our facilities, where all Ayahuasca ceremonies take place.
  • Cabins: The cabins are small rustic rooms, with basic facilities such as a private bathroom and shower, a bed with a mosquito net, a small table to put the candles and a hammock.
  •  Private bathrooms: Each cabin has a private bathroom, with natural water (not drinkable), its own shower, sanitary bowl, toilet paper, body soap and towel.
  •  Transportation: Transportation is local, such as boats and motorcars.


In your retreat, you will drink the Ayahuasca gradually, meaning the first ceremony will start with ¼ of cup, the second ceremony ½ of cup and the third a full cup, this is with the purpose of providing you with a more comfortable experience and not feeling the shock of an intense experience.

During the ceremonies, you will feel dizzy (like you were drunk ), feel nausea, body pain, feelings of love, happiness, maternal hug, fear or sadness, beautiful or unpleasant visions, as well as no visions, loss of energy, thirst and the most beautiful feeling connected with nature.

The walks to the jungle are made during the day and the majestic Lupuna tree is visited, You will walk for approximately 25 minutes, this is within the schedule, but sometimes the dates or time are modified, this is due to the weather.

There are payment methods, this is explained by the coordinator who contacted you online.

  •  If you make your reservation through RetreatGuru, you must pay in cash at the time you meet your facilitator, if it is the case that you wish to pay by bank card, 5% will be added for the collection of bank commissions.
  • In the caso that you make your reservation directly with us, you can pay 100% with your desired bank card, this does not include bank commission charges.


REFUNDS AND NON-REFUNDABLE (only if you do your booking directly with us)

There is a 100% refund as long as they notify us 1 week in advance, on the other hand, if they notify us less than a week, 50% will be returned, this is because from that moment the workers begin to be paid to have everything ready. for his retreat at the Ayaymama Mystic.

(In the case you did your booking on RETREAT GURU, you should to contact them to ask your refunds, because every payment to Retreat Guru is 100% to Retreat Guru)


There is no refund once the service is obtained.

There is no refund if you only perform 1 or 2 ceremonies (remembering that all payments go directly to the local workers, the shaman and the facilitator).

If it is the case that you want to reschedule, it is very important that you do it 2 weeks in advance and see an available date.


 I declared that I agree with everything I read and I will be responsible if I do not comply with what is indicated, I accept with my signature, passport number and full name.

About Ayaymama Mystic

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