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Amazonian ancestral knowledge sharing center

A small introduction about our ceremonies

Our service

Prepared meal

While at Ayaymama Mystic, we will take care of the preparation of your meals, while making sure we honor the Dieta to ensure your best experience.

Safe place

You will be able to have a safe retreat, with the best care that you will feel that you are in family.

Genuine Support

We will guide you through your experience, and help you find insights to help you fully heal

Eco friendly

We love and admire the Sacred Jungle, so we do everything in our power to protect her.

Herbal & Vapor Baths

Throughout the week we will be offering a variation of floral, and vapor baths to help cleanse and purify your body to ensure we purify your mind, body, and soul.

Small Groups

We believe in attention to detail, so we have a maximum of 8 participants per ceremony to ensure that everyone recieves the utmost attention and care.

People who trust in our good intention

Chris G
Chris G
I visited for a four day retreat. It’s a wonderful place, very homely, with surprisingly reasonable accommodation. Poul is an incredibly empathetic guide and very easy to talk to. The Maloka is beautiful and really added to my experience. It’s also one of the more reasonably priced retreats in the area.
Dylan Adams
Dylan Adams
Ayaymama is the most amazing, life changing experience you can have. Everyone is so nice and the ability to escape from the modern world is nothing short of stunning. You have your own personal cabin with a shower and toilet, you have 2-3 fresh meals every day and every single person you encounter is so hospitable. If you believe there is more to life than the rat race of work, paying bills and repeating, but you’re not sure how to break the cycle, Ayaymama is the place to go. Poul is the best!
Radko Matyáš
Radko Matyáš
Unique experience. I was happy to meet Poul and other wonderful people there and had very memorable time. The place is beautiful and basic enough to help you connect more to the nature and your inner self while keeping you comfortable and without any stress. The ceremonies themselves were of course very individual voyages, painting workshop and integration talks helped a lot. Would love to come back in the future and follow up.
Aniruddh Dimri
Aniruddh Dimri
I had the most amazing experience in Ayaymama mystic centre. In summary, it’s a great option if you want a no-frills experience in the jungle. In more details: – The centre itself is in the jungle near a village, about 45 mins commute from the city. It’s a lovely place to disconnect and absorb yourself in the jungle environment. Though it’s not too deep into the Amazon rain forest, it’s good enough to get a jungle experience. – The facilities are basic, but great if you want an authentic village experience. It’s not like some of the other luxury retreats (and so may not be for everyone), but personally I think it’s a better way to experience the jungle. I quite liked the dieta food as well. – I met some wonderful people there, esp. Poul (the facilitator), some of the longer-term residents, helpers, and the Shaman. They are very authentic and most warm, helping. – The ceremonies were great! Simple, and effective. The shaman was so good, singing for 4 hours straight. All in all, great experience. Surely will try to visit again.
So correct/Tan correcto.
Suchi Njog
Suchi Njog
Where should I start, I lived for 10 days in this place and it was home away from home. The retreat host is one of the kindest person I have meet. Poul is a beautiful soul who cares about the nature and sustainability. Its amazing to see young man like him trying to do his bit for the nature. The support staff and the residents of this place are warmest people I have met. I went with a friend but his journey was cut short so my trip became a solo trip being a woman that was a big thing for me. I felt safe in this place. My Aya journey was beautiful as well. The Shamans and the facilitators were 100% present. The briefed about everything and made me feel at home. It was just me and 1 more person during all my 5 ceremonies. This place is not a luxury place but you will feel at home. You have the basics to live (food, shelter and water) and nature is surrounding you. I would 100% recommend this place to find yourself and to get some time away from the hustle of the city life. Thanks Poul for everything you did while I was in your facilities.
Terki AlBassam
Terki AlBassam
I attended Ayaymama retreat for a week and I loved every part of it. I don’t know where to start.. I will start with Poul the main facilitator. This guy is so wholesome. From the moment I started communicating with him arranging for my retreat until the moment we said our goodbyes I felt like I was being taken care off with decency and honesty. Poul would go above and beyond to accommodate my ever so changing schedule. He is very knowledgable in what he does which insured a smooth retreat. He also has a great soul which for me lit up the place. The place itself is great. Poul and his crew have done a great job building up this place so authentically in the middle of Iquitos jungle, which adds so much to the experience. You will not get tired of all the different butterflies flying around or the great orchestra offered by the birds and insects (don’t worry, the beds are equipped with insects nets so you won’t have problems). The ceremonies are led by Juanito, a very humble 80+ year old Shaman who has my utmost respect for his demeanor and his knowledge. The remaining crew members are full of love and are willing to help all the time. An added huge bonus are Wissam and Steven, two people who have decided to move to Iquitos jungle from Europe and the US and are living near the property. They’re both great, they have experienced a lot in this life and it was a pleasure learning from them in so many aspects. They’re also fun to have around. Overall it has been an unforgettable experience. I can’t believe other places charge 4x what this place charges while offering similar facilites! Oh almost forgot, Macheta and Cartocha, two dogs living on the property are lovable loyal dogs that you will also love… and the latest addition.. Moki, a baby kitten that I can’t wait to see grown up when I visit again next time. Highly recommend this place.

What to expect

Once everyone is all settled in, the shaman will begin to sing Icaros, and call in the directions for protection. While consuming the medicine, all of your energy fields become wide open, so the shaman/healer calls in the directions to offer protection from any unwanted spirits or energies and keeps the space safe for healing and growth. Once this process is complete, the shaman will connect with the medicine, and set his intentions for the group, often being around wisdom, harmony, and healing. Read more…

How can this sacred medicine plant help

As a society, we have moved away from our natural roots and have become divided into a terrible materialistic confusion.
We have not been true to the harmony of the planet, which keeps the balance with nature and the abundant universe.
This imbalance within us eventually manifests into physical, psychological, and spiritual diseases. Some examples can be stress, anxiety, and depression. Aya helps us take a look at our most inner being to find an understanding of oneself, and self love.

Trust in the process

Ayahuasca ceremony allows for connection between the physical world and the spiritual world, to gain insights and healing. Ceremonies are usually performed at night to work with the mysterious and feminine energy of the medicine. Mother Aya is very grounding and of the earth, so fade into the sounds of the jungle as it is crawling with life. Connecting with nature allows for the medicine to easily connect with us.
It is recommended to attend ceremony wearing light clothes, always enter in the maloca without shoes and with gratitude for a new experience.
The presence of the teacher or shaman, brings a calming and relaxing energy to better prepare your mind heart for a deep healing by mother Aya, Pachamama, mother earth or mother jungle.

Our hours

08:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Sunday


Contact us

Phone: +51 927885659
Email: ayaymamamystic@gmail.com


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