Ayaymama Mystic – Reconnect with yourself, the jungle awaits

Ayaymama Mystic
Retreat Center Peru

Where miracles happen

An intimate healing experience in the Peruvian Amazon

Ayaymama Mystic is a traditional plant-medicine shamanic retreat center located in the Peruvian Amazon that offers intimate, small group plant-medicine retreats with male Omagua healers.  During your time with us you will be surrounded by the most caring and loving people, who have years of experience working on healing processes. Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing our guests with the opportunity to benefit from the ancient healing wisdom of the Omaguas people, and to helping this unique culture preserve its knowledge and identity.


Why choose Ayaymama Mystic

Eco Friendly

We love and admire the Sacred Jungle, so we do everything in our power to protect her.

Small Groups

We believe in attention to detail, so we have a maximum of 8 participants per ceremony to ensure that everyone recieves the utmost attention and care

Genuine Support

We will guide you through your experience, and help you find insights to help you fully heal

Prepared Meals

While at Ayaymama Mystic, we will take care of the preparation of your meals, while making sure we honor the Dieta to ensure your best experience.

Herbal & Vapor Baths

Throughout the week we will be offering a variation of floral, and vapor baths to help cleanse and purify your body to ensure we purify your mind, body, and soul.


Reconnect with yourself in the jungle, with little distractions to keep you from going inwards. Get lost in the sounds of the jungle, but most importantly, in yourself.


Eco Tourism

With us You will enjoy the best experience of visiting the our favorite tourist center of the town, river, food and tribe.



Backpacker is located in downtown area of Iquitos city, where you can explore the urban wonders of the city.


Plant Medicine

You will experience unconditional love, healing, and transcendental insights with ancestral medicine in our healing retreat center.

How can this sacred medicine help us?

As a society, we have moved away from our natural roots and have become divided into a terrible materialistic confusion. We have not been true to the harmony of the planet, which keeps the balance with nature and the abundant universe.
This imbalance within us eventually manifests into physical, psychological, and spiritual diseases. Some examples can be stress, anxiety, and depression. Aya helps us take a look at our most inner being to find an understanding of oneself, and self love.  The medicine helps guide us towards solutions, while teaching valuable life lessons in the process. Keep an intention in mind, and close to your heart, and allow her to guide you

Get In Touch

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions, or would like additional information about the experience, and or our space.

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