Welcome to Ayaymama Mystic Center

Ayaymama Mystic is a traditional plant-medicine shamanic retreat center located in the Peruvian Amazon that offers intimate, small group plant-medicine retreats with male Omagua and kukama healers. During your time with us you will be surrounded by the most caring and loving people, who have years of experience working on healing processes. Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing our guests with the opportunity to benefit from the ancient healing wisdom of the Omaguas and kukama people, and to helping this unique culture preserve its knowledge and identity.

Why choose Ayaymama Mystic

Prepared meal

While at Ayaymama Mystic, we will take care of the preparation of your meals, while making sure we honor the Dieta to ensure your best experience.

Safe place

You will be able to have a safe retreat, with the best care that you will feel that you are in family.

Genuine Support

We will guide you through your experience, and help you find insights to help you fully heal

Eco friendly

We love and admire the Sacred Jungle, so we do everything in our power to protect her.

Herbal & Vapor Baths

Throughout the week we will be offering a variation of floral, and vapor baths to help cleanse and purify your body to ensure we purify your mind, body, and soul.

Small Groups

We believe in attention to detail, so we have a maximum of 8 participants per ceremony to ensure that everyone recieves the utmost attention and care


Medicinal Plant

You will experience unconditional love, healing, and transcendental insights with ancestral medicine in our healing retreat center.



With us You will enjoy the best experience of visiting the our favorite tourist center of the town, river, food and tribe.


Relax time

Visiting the town of San Pedro, we can swim or fish in its beautiful lake

How can this sacred medicine help

As a society, we have moved away from our natural roots and have become divided into a terrible materialistic confusion.
We have not been true to the harmony of the planet, which keeps the balance with nature and the abundant universe.
This imbalance within us eventually manifests into physical, psychological, and spiritual diseases. Some examples can be stress, anxiety, and depression. Aya helps us take a look at our most inner being to find an understanding of oneself, and self love. The medicine helps guide us towards solutions, while teaching valuable life lessons in the process. Keep an intention in mind, and close

Why did I choose Ayaymama? A strong gut feeling. I read the website and the Google reviews. The reviews made me ponder, it can’t be thát special. Well, it was. I will pin point what I liked most: 1. Most importantly, the experience was life changing, the ayahuasca was GOOD. I was shown what I needed to see. 2. Small groups. Once there was someone else, the other two times it was just me and the shaman. 3. Poul is the sweetest and greatest caretaker! He takes care of the organization (and you!) sooo damn well, I miss you already man!! 4. The price. Look up the competition, it is fair man! 5. The place is basic but soooo relaxing, I rested really well. 6. Juanito, the shaman, has more than 50 years of experience. He knows what he’s doing. He brings you in the trip very nicely. He is also the purest dude I’ve ever met. 7. It is so authentic. From the shaman to the whole organization. 8. They serve good and appropriate food. I will be back guys! See you in the future. Much love to you all.
Tom Davies
Tom Davies
An eye opening experience with an organisation that prioritises the experience over money. Made some great friends and gain some valuable life experience.
Zinedine Banaji
Zinedine Banaji
I would highly recommend Ayamama Mystic to anyone who is looking for an authentic and caring place to try ayahuasca and spend time in the rainforest. It was both my first time trying Ayahuasca and my first time travelling alone at 18 and everyone at Ayamama was so helpful and kind every step of the way even in Iquitos town before I got to the retreat. Taking ayahuasca is a very important experience and It’s important you do it in the right environment. You are waking up to who we are and what’s underneath our world and what you carry so you wanna be in the right retreat with the right vibe and people. Poul one of the facilitators will go out of his way to make you comfortable and at home, he’s a very special person. Follow your heart and see what Mama Aya has to show you
Iveta Koleva
Iveta Koleva
I am absolutely amazed by this place. This was my first time doing Ayahuasca and it was an amazing experience. The place and people are so beautiful and welcoming. Couldn’t thank them enough for the experience and welcoming, they really make you feel at home. Guiding you through every step of the experience and answering every question you might have. The Ceremonies were absolutely beautiful and I’ve never felt more safe. Pol and Joger were always there to help and hold you when you are at your most vulnerable moment in life, couldn’t have done it without them and our Shaman Don Juan was an absolute inspiration and a true Shaman in every way. When ever you felt it was too much they were all there to guide you and support you in every way you need. The people that live there are such beautiful people, teaching us about plants and animals, welcoming us into their homes, sharing the food they grow into their gardens and showing us the beauty of the jungle. Had a chance to try fruits and vegetables that grow in the jungle. I felt so sad to leave but for ever Ayamama is going to be friends and Family. Thank you for this life changing experience 🙏🏼
Yoann Delmas
Yoann Delmas
Everything in this retreat met my expectations. 1. The scale of it. Small we were 5 participants max during my stay, very family like and centered around human connections enough time to get to know the team who all are so supportive and caring people. 2. The simple comfort. We all had a private little cabin with toilets and shower which to me, knowing the experience now is a must. Clean, simple, not over the top, perfect to me. 3. The team that I met there was so very welcoming and supportive. They all know what they talk about but with a lot of humbleness. They are very happy with their lifestyle and it grows on you which was one of my expectations into going there. Live a simple humbling life surrounded by nature with deep human connections. 4. I’ll just finish by saying that Secundo our Shaman during this week felt like a father and a superior being in kindness and beauty. Continually pouring out wisdom and great advices if you have the chance to speak Spanish. Beautiful person, incredible voice, whistling and his blessings were so full of love. Conclusion, if you want to experience Ayahuasca in an authentic ambiance in a small circle of caring people and surrounded by lush tropical forest, you can go there eyes closed. I highly recommend this retreat. Best experience of my life so far.
KIVER Education
KIVER Education
Really incredible people doing great work. I loved my time here and working with the wonderful staff.
Milan Záleský
Milan Záleský
I really loved this experience. If you’re looking for a friendly environment and a beautiful place to relax and getting some new revelations in the jungle, this should be your first choice. Thank you!
Sylwia K
Sylwia K
Great experience. Really recommended! Accommodation and surroundings are beatiful. And the most important people who working there are very open and helpful. I love every single minute of my stay.
Zach Latta
Zach Latta
I can not recommend Ayaymama enough. They were able to accommodate me last minute and were nothing but a joy to work with. The ceremonies were wonderful and very intense but I felt I was in capable and loving hands the entire time. I usually don’t ever leave reviews but I am so grateful to these guys that I took the time. If your looking for Ayahuasca near Iquitos, this is a great option!.
Ronald Dworak
Ronald Dworak
Where should I start?! This place is absolutely amazing!! Paul did his job 200%! You will find there only love,kindness and hope. Cristian was helping with absolutely everything,he was even singing for us,literally making our stay unbelievable.What a pure heart he is! And Ayahuasca…life changing experience,that’s for sure! I don’t know how to thank you guys! I’ll be back one day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

About Ceremony

Trust in the Process

Ayahuasca ceremony allows for connection between the physical world and the spiritual world, to gain insights and healing. Ceremonies are usually performed at night to work with the mysterious and feminine energy of the medicine. Mother Aya is very grounding and of the earth, so fade into the sounds of the jungle as it is crawling with life. Connecting with nature allows for the medicine to easily connect with us.
It is recommended to attend ceremony wearing light clothes, always enter in the maloca without shoes and with gratitude for a new experience.
The presence of the teacher or shaman, brings a calming and relaxing energy to better prepare your mind heart for a deep healing by mother Aya, Pachamama, mother earth or mother jungle.

What to expect

Once everyone is all settled in, the shaman will begin to sing Icaros, and call in the directions for protection. While consuming the medicine, all of your energy fields become wide open, so the shaman/healer calls in the directions to offer protection from any unwanted spirits or energies and keeps the space safe for healing and growth. Once this process is complete, the shaman will connect with the medicine, and set his intentions for the group, often being around wisdom, harmony, and healing.

At this time it is best to stay relaxed, and patiently wait to be called up to take your dose of the medicine. Once you are called up to the mesa, the shaman will smudge you with Mapacho tobacco to clear your energy. Along with this, you will be asked to take a drop of Florida water, and Timolina, while also rubbing these on your body to purify your energy. The next step is to take the medicine, it is very helpful to hold your intention close to your heart and reflect on it while holding the cup of medicine. Take it with love, for you are receiving a gift of healing.

Once you are finished taking the medicine, you will go back to your space, and this is the time to go inwards and relax your body & mind. Allow the medicine to work with you, and let go of all expectations so that the connection can be made.

After everyone in the group has received the medicine, the shaman will then take their medicine to connect with the room, and the spirit of Aya, for guidance in healing. After they have connected they will begin to sing Icaros which will assist everyone in connecting with the medicine.

Everyone is unique, and their bodies react differently to the medicine. Some may connect instantly, others may take some time to connect, but our best advice is to relax, and quiet the mind so that she(Mother Aya) and connect with you. Often times we get too into our heads and think about what should happen, or is anything happening yet? It is best to get out of our own ways and just let the medicine flow through you.